4 Vital Reasons Why Sleep Apnea Sufferers Should Consult A Dentist

Most people are shocked to discover that millions of Americans are profoundly affected by sleep apnea. Because this condition is complex, many people have concerns about what they need to know about it. By extension, they also wonder: when should they consult a dentist about their condition? If these are questions that intrigue you, it is worth reading on to achieve a better understanding of what sleep apnea consists of.

What is Sleep Apnea?

To put it simply, sleep apnea is a condition whereby a person's breathing frequently begins and halts throughout the course of the night. It is worth stating that sleep apnea is far more serious than something which simply disturbs a person's sleep. Because sleep apnea disrupts a person's ability to breathe regularly during sleep, it leads to a number of different secondary effects. These secondary side-effects are included:

  • Excessively loud snoring
  • Extreme fatigue throughout the course of the day
  • A parched mouth
  • Debilitating headaches in the morning
  • Obesity and weight gain

At this point, it should be evident that sleep apnea is an incredibly serious medical condition. This condition can and does have a highly negative impact on an individual's health. Indeed, health professionals have come to link sleep apnea to an increase in blood pressure, heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.

The Most Current and Effective Treatment Options

Perhaps the most current and effective method of addressing and curing sleep apnea are mouth guards.

Modern mouth guards—or mandibular advancement devices—are an excellent way of addressing sleep apnea. The following are four advantages that sufferers of sleep apnea will get by having a mouth guard.

  1. These devices are mobile. One major advantage that mouth guards have over other treatment options is they are incredibly mobile. Thus if you frequently travel, you need not worry about sleeping poorly away from home.
  2. These devices are comfortable. Many other devices that have been developed to improve sleep are not completely comfortable. But modern mandibular advancement devices sit comfortably within the mouth.
  3. These devices promote relaxation. You and your partner can feel relief and peace knowing you both can enjoy a restful night's sleep. This relaxation will promote a sense of happiness and contentment.
  4. These devices promote good health. When you allow your body a restful night's sleep, you allow your body to reap the benefits of better health: both mentally and physically.

By using a mandibular advancement device, you can completely improve your quality of life. How wonderful is that? If you have more questions about sleep apnea, talk with a dental office, such as Associated Family Dentistry LTD