3 Ways To Help Your Toothache If You Can't Get In To See Your Dentist

If you have a serious toothache and cannot get in to see your dentist, then you need to take care of the tooth so that it does not seem excruciating. Here are 3 ways to help your tooth until you can get into your regular dentist or an emergency dentist:

Oregano Oil

First, consider using oregano oil on your tooth so that you can help fight the infection in your gums and tooth. Oregano oil is a natural fighter of infection, and using oil is the best and most concentrated way to help a tooth.

You could always use dried oregano and mix it with some water before putting it on your tooth, but the effectiveness of dried leaves is not nearly as great.

Apply the oil several times a day to fight the infection. Make sure that you brush your teeth beforehand just in case there are food particles in the way. When you apply the oil, rub it all over your tooth and the gums on both sides of the tooth. This should help to fight the infection until you can see a dentist.

Salt Water

Second, swish with some salt water a few times a day. Salt is a natural bacteria killer as well, and it will help to swish because you can get the salt around your entire tooth so that the bacteria is constantly being killed.

When you swish, make sure that you have plenty of salt in the water so that it is strong enough. If you can barely taste the salt, then you need to add more. Stir it well before swishing too so that you actually get more of the salt in your mouth.

Clove Oil

Last, apply some clove oil to the tooth as well, and this will actually help with the pain. Clove oil can be used the same way as oregano oil, and you can even combine the two oils if you do not want to go back and forth between the two kinds.

You do not need a lot of oil to do the trick either. Just put a few drops on the tooth and rub it all around, and you should feel relief after a few minutes. You can do this as often as is needed so that your mouth is more comfortable too.

By doing these 3 things, you can help your toothache until you can see a dentist. You may even have to wait to see an emergency dentist if he or she is super busy, so you can use these treatments until the dentist is available. To learn more, contact a company like Crest Hill Family Dental with any questions.