New Study Shows Gum Disease May Have Yet Another Serious Health Consequence

As you may already know, untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss, heart problems, and many other physical problems that stem from the bacteria in your gums traveling into your bloodstream and affecting your entire body. If this isn't already enough to convince you to not do everything you can to help treat your gum disease, then a new study that shows a correlation between gum disease and oral cancer may. If you suffer from, or expect you may have, gum disease, then hopefully you are working with your dentist to create a plan to regain gum health.

Already Known Gum Disease Risks

Past studies have already shown the gum disease can affect more than just oral health. People with gum disease are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease. Another study showed a correlation between gum disease and some forms of head and neck cancer. Just recently, it has been discovered that a type of bacteria in many types of gum disease can worsen the symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis.

Although these are the official studies that have been performed, many health professionals agree that the fact that gum disease can worsen or trigger so many diseases means that there will likely be many more discoveries linking gum disease to other illnesses. Oral health that was once thought to only affect the mouth decades ago is now understood to be an extremely vital part of overall health.

New Study

After knowing just how bad gum disease really is for your entire body, the results of a new study may not come as much of a surprise after all. This new study has shown a link between gum disease and a type of oral cancer called Kaposi's sarcoma. While this type of cancer is more common in people who have the HIV virus, people who do not have HIV can develop it as well.

This makes it especially important to not skip any of your biyearly dental checkups, as your dentist checks for signs of oral cancer during checkups. This cancer is much more treatable when caught early than later, like many types of cancer.

If you have gum disease or have signs that you may have it, this is yet another reason to work with your dentist to get it under control. Your mouth and gum health affect your entire body, and this is yet another serious consequence that can occur from unmanaged gum disease.