Tips For Celebrating The Holiday Season Without Damaging New Dental Veneers

With the holidays fast approaching, the parties and celebrations often bring lots of sweet treats, buffet spreads and hard candies. If this is your first holiday season with veneers, you may be wondering how to navigate these tables full of temptations. You'll definitely have to be more mindful of what you reach for this year, but understanding how to make good choices will ensure that you protect your veneers from damage. Some of the most common issues for veneers during the holidays are foods that are sticky, gummy, or hard. Here are a few tips for making the right food choices so you can enjoy the party without sacrificing your veneers.

Steer Clear of Taffy, Toffee and Caramel

Sticky and particularly hard treats can be devastating to the condition of your veneers. Treats like caramels, toffee, peanut brittle and ribbon candy are all in this category. They've been known to loosen crowns, damage veneers and even pull out a filling or two sometimes. Avoid these completely to be safe.

Choose Fudge or Soft Sugar Cookies

Instead of the hard candy treats, look for softer things that aren't going to stick to your dental work. Soft sugar cookies, fudge and petits fours are safer choices in this respect. Just remember that even though they aren't as likely to damage your veneers, they still contain sugar. That means you're still going to need to make sure you brush as soon as possible after the party so you don't add to your dental problems.

Avoid Stains from Holiday Drinks

Holiday parties often come with punch bowls, color-dyed drinks and lots of coffee. All of these things can cause staining on your veneers, which can leave them looking unsightly. After you've invested so much in the final look of your dental veneers, it's in your best interest to minimize your consumption of these drinks, or opt for a straw when you do drink them. The less contact the drinks have with your teeth, the better. Frequent brushing can also help you to minimize the effects of discoloration from these types of drinks.

Don't Chew the Ice

One common recommendation from every cosmetic dentist is to leave the ice in the bottom of your holiday drinks. It's often a temptation to chew on the ice cubes after you finish a drink, particularly when you're mingling and visiting with friends. Don't do it. Ice is hard enough that it can actually chip your veneers. In some cases it could even separate them from your teeth.

As you can see, the holiday season doesn't have to be full of dental care landmines. With the tips presented here, you can celebrate the season and still preserve your veneers. Check out sites like for more tips.