Qualities That Make An Excellent Dentist

Whether you are interested in becoming a dentist or you are looking for a new dentist to use, there are several qualities that all dentists should exhibit that help them excel in their field. Being a dentist is certainly a job that requires you to have great people skills in addition to thorough knowledge about the inner workings of human oral health. Here are some qualities that all good dentists should possess that make them a cut above.

Manual Dexterity

Since dentists work completely with their hands, they should have excellent manual dexterity skills. This means no shaky hands, an ability to work with small instruments, and a penchant for completing detailed work in a very small space. A dentist is a professional, but they are also an artist of sorts, so being able to work intensely within the confines of the human mouth using very small tools is essential.

Knowledge of Business

Many dentists own their own practice, so they must be business savvy as well as educated in the dental field. Good dentists know how to operate a profitable practice and hire people who are there to work together as a team toward a common goal. A quality dentist's office is professional and can handle all of the aspects of billing and payment for customers. They also know how to market their office well and take advantage of the benefits that good word of mouth reviews can offer.

People Skills

Since dentists deal with patients ranging from young children to the elderly, they need to be able to talk to and work with people from all ages and backgrounds. Patience, kindness, and even a sense of humor are what help some dentists rise above the fray. It takes more than just being able to treat and diagnose dental problems. Excellent dentists also build relationships with their patients, which results in repeat business and a great reputation.

Willingness to Learn

Just like many other fields, the realm of dentistry is constantly changing. With new technology being developed on a regular basis, a good dentist is willing to learn this new technology in order to better serve their patients. The more your dentist adapts to these new methods and technologies, the better he can help improve your life. It's beneficial to the dentist as well, since they can keep existing patients by offering them the newest and latest tools and ways to improve quality of life.

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