2 Things You Need To Know About Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that has benefited many people. If you have lost a permanent tooth, or are looking for an alternative to dentures, dental implants may be a great option for you. However, this surgery is not something to be taken lightly. There is a good deal of preparation that needs to go into the surgery, and you need to be certain that you are prepared for the results and the changes to your body. Here are a couple things you need to know about dental implants.

1. The Procedure Usually Happens In Multiple Appointments

Even though putting in the actual implants is usually an outpatient procedure, the process leading up to the dental implant can become involved and take months. For example, in some cases you will need to have bone grafting. This is where the surgeon will remove bone from another part of your body, like your hip, and graft it into the jawbone. This is because the jawbone needs to be dense and sturdy enough to hold the tooth and to withstand the harsh chewing motions. Bone grafting can take months to heal before you can get the actual implant implanted.

Even if you don't need bone grafting, you will need to have metal placed in the jawbone to attach the tooth to. This will enable the surgeon to place the implant there after the bone heals.

Your surgeon will let you know what kinds of preparatory procedures you will need before you implants. However, it is important to recognize that this will probably not be a one-time outpatient procedure, but a process of procedures to give you the best results possible.

2. You Can Get Fixed Or Removable Implants

When most people think of implants they think about fixed or permanent implants. This is when the implant is directly placed into the jawbone and cannot be removed without additional surgery. However, you can also choose to get a removable implant. This will allow you to remove the tooth when you sleep, if you want to clean it more fully, or if you are uncomfortable wearing it. If you are considering dental implants you should talk to your surgeon about what option would be best for you. Be honest about your lifestyle, your needs and your comfort level. This will help the surgeon decide what the best route is for you.

By understanding what dental implants entail you can be as prepared as possible for your dental implant surgery. Contact a company like Dental Images for more information.