Taking A Child With ADHD To The Dentist

If your child has ADHD, then you want to work closely with your dentist to ensure that their teeth are well cared for. A child with ADHD may have added concerns regarding their teeth that revolve around some of the medications they are on and behaviors they may exhibit. Another factor in the dental care of a child that has ADHD is that many tend to have dental anxieties that go above and beyond anxieties felt by a child without ADHD. This can make it more difficult for you to get them in to see the dentist. However, regular appointments are very important and should not be put off. When you take your child in for their dental appointments, you can follow the tips below to get the most out of the visit and make sure it is as easy as possible on them.

Ways to help your child through their anxiety issues

One of the best things you can do to help your child keep calm is to stay calm yourself. If you exhibit your own signs of anxiety, then they are going to pick up on this and it will make theirs worse. Also, watch what you say to others on the phone when you are within hearing distance of your child. If they overhear you voicing your concerns to someone else, then it will make it worse on them.

Prepare your child for their up and coming dental appointment by getting some kid friendly videos for them to watch. It is very possible that your dentist's office can provide you with a few titles if you have a hard time finding some for yourself.

Explain to the dental staff the best way to approach and communicate with you child when you call to make the appointment. For example, let them know your child does best with short and to the point instructions and direct answers.

Ways to improve the dental visit experience for your child

Bring a list of the medications that your child is currently taking to the dental visit with you. This way, the dentist can determine whether or not your child will be able to take certain types of medications they may want to prescribe with the ones they are already on.

Make your child's appointment for the time of day when they are usually the calmest. If you aren't exactly sure what those times are, observe their behavior for a few days before you make the appointment.

Allow your child to pick out a couple of their favorite toys to bring with them. Try to help them choose ones that you know tend to keep them entertained for the longest amount of time.

Following these tips will help you to make sure that your child who has ADHD experiences less anxiety about going to the dentist and that they have a better experience. You can also look for a pediatric dentist in your area who may have more experience working with children.