Pregnant? 3 Things to Consider About Dental Health

When it comes to pregnancy, staying as healthy as possible is a goal for many expectant mothers. During this time, many women focus on maintaining a healthy diet, taking vitamins, and going to their regular doctor's visits. While pregnancy does have major impacts on a woman's physical health, it's important to recognize the changes that can happen in terms of oral health as well. Here are a few things that women who are pregnant should keep in mind about dental care.

Preventative Cleanings Are a Must

When it comes to regular cleanings and exams, they are still a must during pregnancy. Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes to the teeth and gums. Some of these changes may require dental care above and beyond routine cleanings. It's also important to let the dentist know about the pregnancy immediately. Caution will need to be taken if dental X-rays are needed during this time. A routine dental exam costs on average between $80 and $175, though it is often free with many insurances. 

Dental Problems That Can Arise During Pregnancy

Another thing that pregnant women should consider is the dental issues that can arise during pregnancy. Discussing these issues with the dentist and knowing what to look out for is a must. During pregnancy, hormone levels rise significantly. This can lead to various changes, especially when it comes to the woman's gums. Inflamed gums and gingivitis are very common during pregnancy and should be addressed by a dentist as soon as possible. It's estimated that up to 40 percent of women develop gingivitis during their pregnancy. Dental decay is also more likely during pregnancy as well. Vomiting from morning sickness can also lead to dental problems.

Treatment During Pregnancy

Another thing to consider is the fact that treating dental problems during pregnancy is possible. Dental work is safe for expectant mothers. Pregnancy can have an impact on what medications are available to the woman. When getting dental work while pregnant, the least amount of anesthesia possible is administered. The second semester is considered to be the best time for dental work. However, if there is a dental emergency, dental work can be done in the first or the third trimesters. Failure to treat any dental issues that arise can lead to a dangerous infection.

Dental health is very important during pregnancy. Preventative cleanings and regular checkups are a must during pregnancy. Being pregnant can also lead to conditions such as pregnancy gingivitis. It's important to be aware of these potential dental health issues. Treatment is possible during pregnancy, however, the second trimester is the best time to have dental work done.  Talk to a local dentist, such as Kuban David S DDS, about your dental needs today.