Lingual Braces Improve Your Smile While Staying Out Of Sight

If you're thinking about getting braces as an adult but you don't want them to be visible, you have a few options. You could choose clear aligner trays, transparent ceramic braces, or lingual braces. Lingual braces are the most expensive, but they are usually the most well hidden when you wear them because they attach to the backs of your teeth. Here are some reasons to choose lingual braces and what you can expect once you have them put in.

Noncompliance Doesn't Slow Results

Noncompliance isn't an issue with lingual braces since you can't take them out. One problem with aligner trays is that you may have a tendency to take them out too often. You're supposed to take them out when you eat and to brush them, but otherwise, they should be worn all the time. However, as an adult, there will be times when you want to remove the trays.

You might have an important business meeting or a dinner date. If you continually remove the trays, your results will be slower or you may not get the results you want. Lingual braces attach to your teeth and they don't come out during the course of your treatment. This ensures you get the results you want in the quickest time frame.

Lingual Braces Are Hidden Behind Your Teeth

If keeping braces out of sight is important to you, then lingual braces are a good choice. The wires and brackets attach to the back of your teeth, so the braces are invisible from the front. The braces might be seen upon close inspection depending on the way your mouth is positioned, so they may not be entirely invisible, but they won't be seen from a distance or during a normal conversation.

Lingual Braces Have An Adjustment Period

All braces require a period of adjustment, but lingual braces have their own issues since the wires and brackets are on the back of your teeth. You'll have to retrain your tongue to make certain sounds so you can avoid talking with a lisp. You'll also have to get used to eating and brushing your teeth differently. You may want to have the braces applied before you go on vacation or take time off from work so you can adjust to them. One thing that may help is reading aloud so you can work on your speech.

Lingual Braces Are Custom Made

Traditional braces use standard parts that are adjusted to fit your mouth. Lingual braces are custom made, and that's part of the reason they are more expensive. They are made from a mold of your teeth, so you'll usually wait a few weeks until they can be put in. Also, adjusting the braces takes longer on each of your dental visits.

All this effort ensures you'll get the best results from this type of dental treatment. While lingual braces may be more trouble than traditional braces or aligners, they are worth it when you have a job or social obligations where you don't want braces to be visible, yet you need braces to improve the appearance of your teeth. To learn more, contact an orthodontist like Poulson Orthodontics