When Your Child Loses A Permanent Tooth

Your child will lose their baby teeth throughout much of their childhood and possibly into their early preteen years. However, your child should not lose any of their permanent teeth. If your child loses a permanent tooth, there will not be another tooth to replace the one that is lost, and your child's remaining teeth are not likely to fill in the missing gap.

Luckily, there are things you can do if your child loses a permanent tooth to help restore their smile to a more natural and healthy appearance. A missing tooth can lead to loss of self esteem and can cause eating or speaking issues, depending on where the missing permanent tooth is, so the sooner you get your child into a dentist to restore their smile, the better.

Here are things you can do when your child loses a permanent tooth.

Consider a bridge

A bridge is a dental prosthesis that is placed in the spot where the gap lies and is affixed in place by using metal brackets on nearby teeth to hold the unit in place. You want a pediatric dentist who specializes in prosthodontics to do this procedure for you. You will want to continue getting regular dental care for your child to make sure their bridge stays in place and does not get cracked or chipped.

Consider veneers

If your child has a permanent tooth that is partially broken or missing, then veneers will work to help restore the tooth and strengthen it. The procedure will also give your child's smile a more natural, appealing appearance and help give your young one confidence. A veneer can last a long time if the mouth is properly cared for, so make sure your child continues flossing and brushing on a regular basis.

Consider a crown

A dental crown is a protective cap that is placed over viable tooth tissue. These crowns are often placed on teeth that have been damaged or have had root canals performed on them or can be placed on teeth surrounding missing tooth areas, similar to a bridge, to help restore the smile.

A crown is best for your child if they have any viable part of their damaged permanent tooth left or if they have lost a tooth and damaged others in an accident or sports injury. Your child's dentist will give your child's mouth an exam to see what type of dental restoration is best for their missing permanent tooth.

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