Answers For Root Canal Patients

While most people have heard of a root canal, they may not be familiar with what undergoing this type of procedure will be like or require. Considering the importance of undergoing this procedure, every dental patient will be able to benefit from having at least a functional understanding of root canal procedures.

Does A Root Canal Differ Substantially From A Normal Filling?

A dental filling is one of the most common treatments that people will need. However, it is very different from what is involved with undergoing a root canal. When a patient undergoes a root canal, it is to remove infected tissue that is inside the tooth. To accomplish this, an opening is made in the tooth so that a specialized tool can be inserted into it to remove the soft tissue. Once this is done, a filling will be used to close the small opening that was made. While these procedures are extremely different, they will cause similar amounts of discomfort.

Are There Alternatives To Undergoing A Root Canal?

A patient may want to avoid the need to undergo a root canal, and this can lead to them searching for alternative treatment options. However, there may not be another option as it will be necessary to remove the infected tissue if the tooth is to be saved. Avoiding the need to undergo a root canal will require you to have any decay, chips, or other damages treated as soon as possible. This will limit the opportunity for bacteria to get inside the tooth where it can lead to a severe infection forming. Cracks and other openings in the tooth will be at an especially high risk of experiencing this complication as it can allow bacteria to get deep inside the tooth.

Will It Be Noticeable That You Have Undergone A Root Canal?

You might assume that the tooth will have physical deformities or other tell-tale signs that it has undergone a root canal. Generally, this is not a concern as the tooth that undergoes the root canal will have a protective crown placed over it. This crown will both protect the tooth while also keeping it looking like a healthy natural tooth. As a result, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will be able to recognize that you have had a root canal done to one of your teeth unless you tell them. In contrast, failing to undergo a root canal will eventually result in needing to have the tooth removed, and a replacement tooth will be far more noticeable than a crown.