3 Important Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dental Clinic Early In Life

Most parents want the best for their children. They may not ever miss pediatrician appointments. However, some of the same parents who highly value those check-ups skip dental appointments. Some of them dismiss the importance of children's dentistry appointments because they see pretty white teeth and seemingly healthy gums. They may also feel as though their children are going to lose their baby teeth one day. These are common views, but it is better to understand the value of getting a child to their first pediatric dentist appointment when they reach the age of one. The following points highlight the key benefits of starting dental visits early.

Identify Tooth Development Issues

Children's dental exams can determine more than whether tooth decay is present. Pediatric dentists can detect issues such as malocclusions in advance. This early detection allows for treatment before the teeth erupt misaligned. Each visit involves monitoring the development of the teeth and jaw. The earlier that problematic issues are addressed the better. Early detection could save parents money in the long run because they might be able to avoid future orthodontic costs.

Preventative Treatments

There are a variety of preventative treatments that children may miss out on if they do not go to a pediatric dentist early in life. Parents who dismiss their children's baby teeth as being important need to keep in mind that their children's molars are permanent. These teeth can be protected by dental sealants to prevent tooth decay. Contrary to popular belief decayed baby teeth can be a problem if they lead to pain and need to be extracted. The gaps left behind by the missing teeth can affect the eruption pattern of the underlying permanent teeth. The missing teeth may also negatively affect speech.

Reduce or Eliminate Dental Anxiety

One of the primary reasons that individuals have dental anxiety later in life is because they have limited or no prior dental history. Introducing them to dental visits early in life and going to routine dental appointments can develop a sense of trust at future pediatric dentistry appointments. Some children may get to the point where they do not want their parents in the examination room with them. 

If you need more convincing about the importance of early childhood dental visits, a pediatric dentist can be used as a resource. Even if your child is over the age of one and has never seen a dentist, it is not too late to get them started towards better oral health.

Reach out to a pediatric dental clinic for more information.