Is It Possible To Correct An Overbite? The Treatment Options Available

Have you had an overbite for as long as you can remember? You may have noticed that your top teeth significantly overlapped the bottom when your adult teeth came in. Even if you have relatively straight teeth, this is a problem because the teeth that overlap the bottom can cause damage to your enamel and make it difficult for you to bite down on certain foods. Having an overbite will also put you at risk of experiencing damage to your teeth, including chips and tooth fractures. Because of the many problems that can arise from an overbite, an overbite correction is an ideal way to prevent the issues and keep your teeth healthier.

Treatment for Your Overbite: How to Correct This Dental Issue

The most standard treatment for a patient with an overbite is orthodontic braces. An orthodontist would need to take images of the teeth before developing a customized treatment plan, which would include the length of time you would likely need to wear the braces to correct the overbite. Both metal and plastic aligners are an option, but metal braces are glued to the teeth while the aligners are removable.

Additional Overbite Correction Treatments 

While orthodontic treatment is the most common and effective way to treat an overbite, depending on how severe of an overbite you have, you may need additional overbite correction treatments, such as headgear or jaw surgery.

Patients who need headgear will typically have an overbite caused by a misaligned jaw. These instances can be severe, so headgear is available and often worn at night. Your orthodontist would let you know if headgear was an option for you and would provide you with the necessary equipment to begin wearing at home to help with realigning the jaw and eliminating that overbite.

When headgear can't solve the jaw-related issue, surgery is the next step. During jaw surgery, the surgeon may need to make an incision and break parts of the jaw to restructure the jawline. It's a more drastic measure than simply getting braces, but it's sometimes necessary due to how the jaw develops and how it causes an overbite.

Correct an Overbite and Protect Your Teeth with Orthodontic Treatment

If you've noticed an overbite and are worried about this causing damage to your teeth, which can and likely will happen over time when untreated, see an orthodontist. Getting braces can help you get rid of the overbite, and, if braces aren't enough, headgear and jaw surgery are other options that an orthodontist can recommend. 

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