Understanding Implant-Supported Overdentures

Conventional dentures may be unstable and uncomfortable. The devices are customized to fit the precise shape of a patient's mouth. However, they may not offer the stability needed for proper chewing and even speaking without additional support. Some denture wearers apply denture adhesive to help prevent their devices from moving about. However, a denture may still slip.  Nowadays, many dentists suggest overdentures that use implants for support. Here is a bit of information about implant-supported overdentures to help you better understand them.

Age-Related Dental Health Concerns

As you grow older, your family dentist may pay particular attention to certain aspects of your dental health. Here are a few areas of concern that may be assessed. Gum Health The health of your gums can diminish with age. Many older people lose their teeth due to a severe gum condition called periodontitis.  Nevertheless, periodontitis is avoidable. Gum disease is progressive. It starts as gingivitis, a relatively minor condition that causes the gums to redden, swell, and bleed.

How To Make Tooth Brushing Work For You

Proper dental hygiene starts at home. Brushing your teeth is one of the best things you can do for your overall oral health. However, there are more and less effective ways to brush your teeth. Here are four ways to make tooth brushing work for you: 1. Brush at least twice a day. Plaque is a sticky substance that accumulates on the surface of your teeth over the course of the day.

Is Your Dentist Suggesting A Dental Bridge? 3 Important Points Patients Should Understand

In the age where dental implants seem to be garnering much of the attention, it is important for patients to become more knowledgeable about an older form of dental work known as the dental bridge. This information is especially important for those who have lost one or more teeth to an accident or dental health issue. If you or a family member is seeking a replacement for missing teeth, consider these important points about the use of dental bridges and the benefits they may offer for the situation you are dealing with.

3 Reasons To Choose Implant Dentistry

Living with one or more missing teeth is possible, but this change in your smile will affect you in different ways. Not only will missing teeth negatively change your appearance, but they can also reduce your ability to eat and speak properly. Fortunately, implant dentistry is an option to consider if you want to restore your smile. Here are a few signs dental implants are the right restoration option for you.